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Welcome to Kopp's Cycle

Many new bicycles in stock that can be prepped to pick up in less than a week.

Repairs are limited, most are being scheduled for November through February.

Flat tires, commuters and basic repairs welcome as usual.

The Oldest Bicycle Shop in America est. 1891

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For emergencies or Essential Workers please email Jesus

Official Princeton Transportation Headquarters

All Bicycles include Assembly and all Shipping Surcharges

Manufacturer website msrp prices do not include these costs we have been paying

Commuter Bikes

Commuter Bikes

Road Bikes

Road Bikes

Cycling Accessories

Bicycle Accessories

Kopp's Original Storefront

Our History

Kopp's Cycle Shop was established in 1891 by E.C. Kopp and is the oldest continually running bicycle shop in America (2nd oldest in the world). We're dedicated to serving the Princeton, NJ community as we have for many years. One of the 10 coolest bike shops in the world!

Bike Repair

Bike Fitting

Suspended due to Pandemic

Bike Rentals

Rentals suspended due to Pandemic

We take bicycle donations and sell used bikes.

Do you have a 2nd or 3rd bike that you no longer need?

Old bike sitting around, collecting dust?

Bring it to us in any condition andwe will find it a happy home.

All proceeds will go towards keeping your favorite bike shop open.



To our beloved customers and friends:

We understand the severity of the situation we are all facing and will continue to do our best to keep our staff and anyone coming to our doors safe. This means new safety measures will be taken by our staff and we ask you to comply whenever interacting at our store.  

Everyone, PLEASE STAY HOME if you don't NEED to be outside.

  If you find yourself in need of emergency repairs, you can still come to our store during normal business hours, just note that we can only allow a maximum of 2 people in our store at a time, so you may have to wait in your vehicle or outside until we can safely allow you in.   Appointments are encouraged for any and all other bicycle repairs and regular service. This is one way we can keep everyone safe and keep our repair queue short, returning you your bike sooner.  

For more information, bicycle related assistance and to set up an appointment please call 609-924- 1052 or email Jesus @

Leave a brief message if we do not pick up the phone and we’ll call back

 We will make it through these tough times, so long as we are all responsible and do our part.

 Thank you -Kopp's Cycle Staff

  • We are asking customers to remain outdoors and call or safely knock on the front door. 
  • We are asking customers to call in advance if you need a new bicycle for transportation or a medical physical or mental rehab/treatment. 
  • "No contact" drop-off and pickup will be available. We will continue using the front sidewalk and parking lot to conduct business and we are encouraging customers to make a payment over the phone. We can check-in work orders, bring bikes outside for test rides and pick up bikes without you coming inside the shop, thus limiting customer interaction. Please call in advance or call from the parking lot if you are dropping off or picking up bikes. 
  • We are monitoring the health status of all of our employees closely. As soon as the testing for asymptomatic patients is available to Mercer County residents, our employees will be tested as frequently as allowed.  
  • We are wearing gloves and maintaining the proper 6' distance with every customer interaction. 

Best customer practices for a safe and speedy shop visit:

  • Call ahead. 
  • If you or anyone you are with is not feeling well, visit the shop another day. Please consider our employees, their families, and all those they may in contact with while planning your visit. 
  • Please limit the number of family members who visit the shop to those in need of bikes and those who will be purchasing them. Although it's great to see family members helping with the purchase, it's best that they stay outside. We can take payment from them outside as well. It's for everyone's safety.

  • We are also in desperate need of any donated disinfectant cleaning supplies (sprays, wipes, etc.)
  • Any help you can give us will be passed along to our community