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New Town/transportation bicycles $299 & up

Used bikes $99-$899 (in store ONLY, no phone/internet for used bikes)

Bring your bike or have it shipped to us for assembly $49-$99

Expert repairs on all makes $60/hour (see our service menu)

Summer bicycle storage & Shipping

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From: xxxx@gmail.com

Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2016 12:45 PM

To: mailto:charlie@koppscycle.net

Subject: Bikes

Good afternoon,

My son will be attending  Princeton in the fall, and I would rather have him purchase a bike there instead of shipping his bike. Do you have a lot of used bikes for purchase or mostly new?

Thank you,


From: Charles Kuhn [mailto:quick1@msn.com]
Sent: Friday, April 08, 2016 8:32 AM
To: XXXXXX, Cynthia
Subject: Re: Bikes

Hi Cindy,

Yes we offer used bikes as well as new.

The cheapest and most convenient way to get around for 4 years is to start with a new bike of your own and a good lock.

I like the Breezer Uptown EX because of the fenders, chainguard and some gears (we do have some short steep climbs on campus).

We take orders for the new bikes over the summer and will have it ready for pick up the day he gets to town.

Or come in and pick out a bike that usually takes an extra few days-week to get ready.

A lot of freshman outdoor action participants order before their trip and pick up on return.

Our 2nd most popular bikes are the simple singe speeds SE Draft and Fuji Club

A second hand bike will require more maintenance and will usually not have the extras (usually $150-$500, about 1/2 price of what is sold for new).

I will usually recommend used bikes for people just staying a semester or so.

Second hand bike availability swings wildly, especially in the fall and after many years of issues we can not hold or reserve anything by phone or internet. 

We also offer summer storage & tuning (~$100 plus parts) so there is a safe place for it while he is away and take care of maintenance that will be required annually for any bike. 

Thanks for checking with us and let me know of any questions! 

Looking forward,


Charles Kuhn M.C.Eng. F.C.E.I.
Kopp's Cycle
Oldest Bicycle Shop in America est.1891
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